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Stargazer Elephants Wall Stickers


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Stargazer Elephants Wall Stickers

These cute elephants who love to day dream is inspired by our innocent babies, elephants are precious animals in many cultures and they represent fruitfulness. We hope our Stargazer Elephants Wall Stickers can bring both joy, happiness and good luck to your child!

Product Sizes:

  • Elephant on the Moon: 50 cm
  • Elephant Holding a Star: 45 cm
  • Elephant Holding a Balloon: 40 cm
  • Elephant on the Cloud: 40 cm
  • Clouds: (2 pieces) 30-35 cm
  • Stars: 10-8-5-3-2 cm (50 pieces)

The preview images are shown in our most popular color schemes, however if you desire another theme you can always contact us once your order is done and inform us about the color you want the sticker to be produced before it’s shipped to you.

  • It’s sticky by default so you won’t need an extra glue,
  • All pieces should be implemented individually,
  • Easy to use, we will also provide you a implementing guide,
  • It’s matte texture makes the stickers look like an actual part of the wall,
  • Suits all flat surfaces, can’t be placed in ragged and hard ones,
  • Made by a special vinyl that’s being used in home decoration,
  • Lasts a long time,
  • The bigger pieces can cause trouble with the wall coloring while being removed from the surface,
  • Can’t be used once again after it’s removed from a wall,
  • Designed for nurseries and kid’s rooms exclusively by Dos Junior Company,
  • You can clean it with a moist cloth,
  • Made for all orders individually, so you can request minor changes in style and coloring once you submit your order via messages.


  • All of our products are made to order.
  • Your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days from the day of purchase.
  • EXPRESS SHIPPING : We work with UPS, We send you tracking code when your orders shipped.


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