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Countries White World Map Decal


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Countries White World Map Decal

If you want to be a fun and educational model in your room, we definitely recommend our specially designed world maps as Dos Junior family, imagine your games to be played on the map with those little fingers, imagine the oceans, continents, countries that will be learned, and the dreams that your mini can dream of in its tiny world. Our Countries White World Map Decal , which has a lot of positive aspects that you can show on it, is our favorite sticker model in recent times.

Product Dimensions: 250 X 230 CM

  • Applied form of map except balloons 250 cm width is 170 cm height.
  • The size of the balloons is 2 pieces 15 cm 1 piece 20 cm.
  • The compass is 25 * 25 cm.
  • The plane is 35 * 15 cm.

If all parts are applied as in the image, it will be 250 cm width and 230 cm height.It can be compressed and expanded, making this size larger and smaller between 20-50 cm.You can make different applications or use different parts according to your own taste, except for the continents on the visual.


  • It is self-adhesive, no extra glue is required, each piece is applied individually.
  • Shipped with application paper.
  • It is very easy to apply.-It looks like wallpaper thanks to its matte appearance.
  • It can be applied on all flat surfaces such as oil paint, satin paint, glass, wood and plastic.
  • It cannot be applied on rough, protruding and difficult surfaces.
  • It is made of a special vinyl used in home decoration.
  • It lasts a long time.-It can remove wall paint, especially when removing large pieces.
  • It cannot be reused after dismantling.
  • It is specially prepared for children and baby rooms.
  • It can be gently wiped with a damp cloth.


  • All of our products are made to order.
  • Your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days from the day of purchase.
  • EXPRESS SHIPPING : We work with UPS, We send you tracking code when your orders shipped.


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